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For Investors 2021-07-01T11:11:20-04:00

Sentrimed’s primary goal is to prevent cancer, and to extend and improve the quality of life of cancer patients

Most current chemotherapies can cause significant side effects. Sentrimed is developing patented and patent pending techniques to specifically target and destroy cancer cells without these harmful side effects.

SentrimedWe are Identifying novel receptors on tumor cells that promote cancer growth, invasion, and metastasis. These receptors can be used as functionally relevant biomarkers and chemotherapeutic targets to prevent, detect, and treat cancer. We are developing drugs that attack these receptors to prevent and combat cancer, without affecting other cells in the body.

For example, our lead product MASL has been shown to target receptors on tumor cells to inhibit cancer progression. We are developing this product for use and commercialization.

We look forward to speaking with you. Please contact us to request a prospectus or other information about our company, scientific and corporate board members, milestones, intellectual property, and other materials including videos that explain fundamental aspects of our approach and methodologies.